Порядок слов в предложении

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The show was over_ but the audience didn't want to leave.
Yesterday was her brother's birthday_so she took him out to dinner.
While I was eating_the cat scratched at the door.
When the snow stops falling_we'll shovel the driveway.
Because her alarm clock was broken_she was late for class.
If you are ill_you ought to see a doctor.
The cat scratched at the door_while I was eating.
She was still quite upset_although she had won the Oscar.
Having finished the test_he left the room.
After the test but before lunch_I went jogging.
Yes_the package should arrive tomorrow morning.
That Tuesday_which happens to be my birthday_is the only day when I am available to meet.
The food_on the other hand_is rather bland.
In this case_however_you seem to have more fun.
The book_that I borrowed from you_is excellent.
My niece_wearing a yellow jumpsuit_is playing in the living room.
He is dreaming_that he can fly.
The baby_wearing a yellow jumpsuit_is my niece.
The candidate promised to lower taxes_protect the environment_reduce crime_and end unemployment.
He was a difficult_stubborn child.
She often wore a grey_wool shawl.
She lives at 33 West Avenue_Washington_DC.
"I was able_" she answered_"to complete the work."
To George_Harrison had been a sort of idol.
He was merely ignorant_not stupid.

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